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You will benefit from new features such as

  • Continuous update of the database on the basis of VAH certification
  • Three-step search with improved usability: quick search, advanced search, product details
  • More filter options such as selection of pathogens or activity spectrum
  • Convenient usage on mobile electronic devices such as smartphone and tablet
  • Compilation of multiple favourites lists


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VAH-List of Disinfectants

VAH Desinfektionsmittelliste als Broschüre

The VAH List of Disinfectants comprises all products which have a valid certificate issued by the Disinfectants Commission.

The List serves as a basis for the selection of appropriate disinfectants in hospital, medical and dental surgeries as well as public institutions and other areas in which infections may be transmitted

You have three options for your order:

Print edition
You will receive the current edition of the printed List (As of 1st June 2016, 196 pp. incl. directory of products and companies)

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Online edition
Electronic access to the VAH List online including a database of VAH-certified products with additional information. The online edition is updated continually. The licence for electronic access comprises the following benefits: Product search and view in responsive design for mobile electronic devices such as smartphones. Quick search, advanced search and individual search criteria in all fields of application. Search according to activity spectrum and/or according to pathogen. Additional information such as e-mail addresses and webites of manufacturers, detailed individual active substances. Possibility to save and print out individual product profiles including concentration/contact time ratio in favourites lists. The Online Licence is a subscription. It will continue for at least one calendar year and is automatically renewed unless cancellation was received 6 weeks before 31st December of the current year. Information about multiple access licenses may be obtained from

Online license plus print edition
You will receive access to the online edition and the print edition. The updated print editions will be automatically sent unless cancelled. The order can be cancelled at any time during the year. 
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